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Maria Tran challenges the status quo by working as a fight director and action fight choreographer for stage and screen productions.


She is one of the few women in the world who lead and take action in the independent film industry by fulfilling the responsibilities of this role, which is underrepresented by women.


Through her female-led film production company, Phoenix Eye Films, she explores women's facilitation and participation in devising movement and choreography.


In 2019, she was hired to work on Bell Shakespeare's production of Macbeth, where she devised, trained, and led movement rehearsals for the actors leading up to the show's performances at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Playhouse.


She has also worked on challenging low-budget film productions such as the Bangladeshi action film "Ayotti," where she was required to arrive on set and within 2 hours meet the actors, assess their movement range, devise, rehearse, direct camera angles, and action direct the sequences, the outcome exceeded expectations.

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