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Maria Tran

Maria Tran is a multi-talented artist with a background in psychology and education, holding a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Western Sydney University and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment. She has vast experience in conducting workshops and training for individuals, groups, and online, especially for culturally diverse communities.

From 2007 to 2009, she served as the Youth Digital Cultures Coordinator with Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE), where she activated young people of color through digital art activism and performance.

Since then, she has designed, implemented, and run over 100 workshops throughout Australia, with a focus on creativity, psychology, stage combat and fight choreography, acting and performance, self-care, exploring passions, public speaking and presentation, project management, communication, community and cultural development practices, life as an artist, and more.

Currently, she co-facilitates Acting For Mindfulness, a training program tailored to artists from culturally diverse backgrounds who navigate the acting and performing industries.

Acting for Mindfulness
A community of active, expressive & mindful humans changing the world one performance at a time.
Acting For Mindfulness
Maria Tran


Tiffany Lee Shoy

Tiffany Lee Shoy

Senior Strategic Cultural Officer 

at Penrith City Council Chair

Curious Works & Co - Curious

“Maria consciously opens doors for other Women of Colour who have been boxed in by stereotypes. She shares her knowledge generously as a mentor, teacher and facilitator, inspiring other women and young people with her courage and determination, and empowering them to claim their unique voice and fully embrace and tell their stories."

Mouna Zaylah

Mouna Zaylah

Business & Engagement Manager

Campbelltown Arts Centre 

at Campbelltown City Council

“Maria is an exceptional creative. She has many years of experience working with a broad range of stakeholders. She is passionate and highly motivated and always gets the job done.” 

Sera Yilmaz

Councillor Sera Yilmaz

Former Deputy Mayor at Fairfield City Council Councillor at Fairfield City Council Secretary ALGWA, NSW

“Maria is an outstanding example of success in our community. From humble beginnings she was able to create a production company and branch out to become a successful producer and actress: known for developing the martial arts action film genre in Australia, and placing Fairfield on the world map. She has worked with internationally renowned artists in Australia and abroad and has created a whole team of actors, inspiring young generations to aspire to be great. she has worked on several projects and won many accolades in the city and I am extremely proud and honoured to know her."

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