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Maria Tran is a Vietnamese-Australian actress known for her roles on both stage and screen. She is best known for her role as Trans Phat on the comedy series "Street Smart" and for her award-winning performances in "Hit Girls" and Roger Corman's action feature set in China "Fist of the Dragon."


She won the 2013 Breakout Female Performer at the International Action on Film Festival and the 2016 Female Action Performer of the Year at MartialCon for these projects. She also landed her first role as "Mai Le" on the Logie award-winning children's TV series "My Place" and has since appeared in various films, TV shows and the Vietnamese international blockbuster "Tracer/Truy Sat".


In 2019 and 2021, she portrayed the nunchuck wielding, tough-as-nails character "Suzie" on the popular Australian comedy TV series "Fat Pizza: Back In Business". In 2022, five months after moving to the United States, she landed her breakthrough role as Madame Tien on the 10-episode crime drama Paramount series "Last King of the Cross" starring Tim Roth.

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Alex Lykos

Alex Lykos

It's War! Theatre Director.

“Her ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and different ages is remarkable. Maria is a unique creative genius and is able to turn ideas into an incredible entertaining vision. Every once in a while, an artist comes along who embodies brilliance, passion and an outstanding work ethic. It is a special honour to be able to work with such an artist.” 

Amy Hardingham

Amy Hardingham 
Huw McKinnon


Co-Directors | Bell Shakespeare's Macbeth.

“Working with Maria on Macbeth was an incredible experience. As fight director Maria was an energetic collaborator who brought a fresh and contemporary aesthetic to our combat scenes. In her role as one of the Witches she was able to work from within, driving the development of a unique physical language for the show. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a creative leader or collaborator.” 

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Senior Reporter, The Sydney Morning Herald.

‘Watching Maria Tran rain punches down on adversaries or scissor-kick across the cinema screen, it is hard to imagine anyone foolish enough to mess with her.’ 

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