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Maria Tran is a director and producer with a diverse portfolio of work in both the action film genre and social documentaries. Her work has been screened at festivals worldwide and she combines community and cultural development practices into her work.


Her debut feature film, "Change of Our Lives", was commissioned by Cancer Council in 2013 and was an official selection at the 2014 Vietnamese International Film Festival.


She is well-known in the Australian independent action film-making scene, with her directorial portfolio including "Hit Girls", "Gaffa", "Enter The Dojo", "Operation Kung Flu", "Obsidian" and award-winning documentaries such as "My Mother, The Action Star", which won Best Documentary Film at the Women in Film & Television Festival.


Her 15 years of experience as an independent filmmaker and her work in diversity, equity, and inclusion have led her to set up Phoenix Eye Films, an independent female-led, culturally diverse film production company. She uses this company to produce films and run community outreach workshops to advocate for equity in the screen and arts sector.


Echo 8 (2023)

Obsidian (2022)

Operation Kung Flu (2021)

Breathless (2020)

My Mother, The Action Star (2020)

Change of Our Lives (2013)

Roses (2018)

Hong Kong Shogun (2016)

Police Story: Girl Force (2015)

Hit Girls (2013)

Hot Bread Shop (2011)

Happy Dent (2008)

A Little Dream (2007)

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Zayed Rizwan.png

Zayed Rizwan

Director | Swadesh Entertainment

“As an action director Maria Tran has done excellent work considering the time and resources we provided to her, making me wonder what she could have done if we had provided proper time and resources to her, she converted an average scene to a high-quality Hollywood action scene. I really am looking forward to work with her more and she is and will be a great asset to any production. She is very easy to work with, her time management skill is great, she understands the mind of the director and she has very positive attitude making you feel that anything can be possible” 

Josh Sambono.png

Josh Sambono

Director "Suspect" & "Terror Zone"

Razor Bear Films

“As a director, working with Maria makes everything easier. She is reliable, professional, dedicated and highly skilled. She goes the extra mile to ensure you get the best look for the film with attention to detail and safety. She is so full of positive energy!” 

Adrian Castro.png

Adrian Castro

Director of ABC TV

"Nightwalkers" & "Tiger Cop"

“Maria is a woman with unlimited talents. Producing and starring in TIGER COPS, lending her skills and energy to NIGHTWALKERS where she managed the production like a well oiled machine. She is an invaluable asset and as a leader has my highest recommendation.” 

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