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Drop It Like It’s Hot; Things that Don’t Matter during COVID

The global wave of people facing the mortality of themselves and their loved ones has collectively forced us to sort out our lives in what is essential and what's not. Below is my list!


Toxic People

They come in selfish, controlling, drama and jealous types, energy vampires, compulsive liars, or a combo of the lot. These people are deeply wounded for whatever reason and are missing a responsibility chip for their wounds, feelings, needs, and problems in their lives. They are not toxic because they are 'evil'; they are just wounded, and as a result, their behaviors damage relationships. Personally, it's such an enigma to try to figure these sorts out, but from experience, you have more time to enjoy with quality people that don't burn your precious time. Stay away from these sorts.


For those who are image-conscious and into a style, is it worth the world's environmental damage, sweatshops, and cultural appropriation? While fashion is a form of creativity and expression, anything trendy and overpriced from the fast fashion industry is designed to make you feel inadequate and inferior.


Gossip is a cousin of toxic people's behaviors. Only fools will follow, so let them. Gossip shows what low integrity one person has, which in turn, makes them less trustworthy. Do the speaker a favor and for your peace of mind, interrogate their information source. And if you smell bullshit, grow a pair of iron balls and spell it out for them. You are doing yourself a favor by building a character of integrity in the long run.

Your Social Media Presence

Self-promotion and self-professed labels and titles are all too familiar on social media platforms. It only fools the types of people who are already charlatans. If you want to stand out in your field, the key is to create something unique and valuable. As tempting as it sounds, you might think you'd find your true calling from a mindset, thought leader, purpose & potential coach, whom you've paid a large sum of money to, perhaps, become a version of them. Sorry to say this, but any attempt to 'stand out' through this route is just a sad wannabe attempt.


Seeking permission, constant feedback, and validation is a killer drug. At first, it feels good; then, you get hooked. Next thing you know, you are making bad decisions, developing a dependence on others to support you to take necessary actions, which snowballs and becomes pals with lack of confidence and self-worth, anxiety, and being in the passenger seat of your life. So how does one escape from the "permission" camp? Get clear on your purpose and values. Get good at permitting yourself to do the things you love.

So there you have it. Those are my list of non-negotiables unless I want to play with fire and get burnt. If you are a drama-phobic like me, there's no need to waste time on the unimportant.

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